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    I know there are lots of free email accounts you can get today, but this site is really neat and I want to publicize it. In addition to unlimited email, it includes a calendar, built in friendster, document storage, web based IM, blogging, picture sharing. Basically it's like 20 web sites all combined in one.. is the site, here are the good things about it, from the What is Zoji page:
    * Free e-mail account, no limits on pure messages, 20 MB limit on document/attachment space (to be increased later as Zoji matures). Note that we will NOT scan your e-mails to figure how to target ads at you.
    * Robust spam filters. But as a first line of defense, we encourage you to be careful who you give your e-mail to.
    * E-mail forwarding to a secondary account
    * Web-based instant messaging, no need to download or install any software
    * Friends network, to see how people are connected, our interrelationships, how we all got to know each other
    * Event invitations, for organizing parties and gatherings, managing responses and feedback
    * Calendar, for visualizing events and personal reminders
    * Picture/photo uploading and sharing
    * Document uploading and sharing
    * Groups, for easy communication with an entire organization, activity clubs, classmates, etc.
    * Blogging, for those who enjoy publishing daily rants and thoughts on life
    * People search, for meeting new people with similar interests, dating
    * Keyboard shortcuts, for those who prefer not to use the mouse
    * Privacy controls, to give you control of who gets to see information you enter (anyone, friends only, or just yourself) \\
    Equally important is what Zoji does NOT give you:
    * No ads.
    * No spam. Zoji uses robust spam filters, and of course we will never send you unwanted e-mail or sell your information to other parties.
    * No popups. If we wanted to play "whack-a-mole" we'd go to the local fairgrounds.
    * No spyware. We don't even require you to download anything so it isn't even a possibility.
    * No annoyances. This is subjective, but we've tried to cut out the glitz in favor of a more plain but fast web site.
    You can read more about it here
    What is ZOJI?
    Enjoy, HC

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    Looks very good, so I've sgned up.
    if your font size is this small i'll add you to my ignore list because you're wasting my time, OK?

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    nice site but the email don't look that good


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