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Thread: FIRST LOOK: Abit Fatal1ty AA8XE

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    i been using abit motherboard for years now but this new motherboard looks just amazing!
    Abit named this motherboard after a gamer known as Fatal1ty.
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    Thats way to long of a name to memorize...why not just the Abit AA8XE lol
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    19 years old,far too much fucking free time on ones hands.Perhaps a job would do some good.Tell then adieu

    P.S. still nice mobo.Like the twin fans.
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    He makes me laugh, and what really makes me laugh is the ridiculous RAM cooler. For some reason it isnt shown in this review, maybe they removed it or Abit realised their mistake, but it is hilarious.

    Considering DDR2 RAM often runs cooler than standard DDR, it really is way over the top. All of those little fans are going to make shit load of noise, and as anyone who has put heatspreaders on their RAM can tell you, extra cooling really doesnt make much difference unless you have it clocked stratospherically high, which usually means the RAM won't even function no matter how cool it is.

    Heres a picture with it attached. What I do like are the high quality capacitors and VRMS used, which will definatley boost overclocking capabilitys.
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    Its an aeroplane allrite, on that jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by HailAntonLaVey
    19 years old,far too much fucking free time on ones hands.Perhaps a job would do some good.
    he has one.......... works for Abit


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