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Thread: problem w/ upgraded comp

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    after i installed my new mobo (Gigabyte Pro 2 K7 Triton), cpu (AMD XP2800+) and ram(Kingston 2x 256 PC3200), when i try to boot up i get some messages on the black loading screens that it does not detect IDE drives 0,1,2 and 3. However, when went into BIOS for the first time, the names of my drives, (2 Optical, 1 harddrive) were already auto listed in the proper places. I set my HDD as the primary IDE (Master) and the CDROM drive as the secondary IDE master w/ the DVDROM as it slave. Any ideas as to what the problem may be? I was told to try a clean install, would this work? ( i only want to do this as a final resort, cuz i have quite a bit of work on my old HDD)

    Old mobo, intel billings (its not in production anymore)
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    How are you gonna install - clean or otherwise - if the drives are not detected?
    Try setting the drives manually in the BIOS; normally you'd do this by using the auto-detect function then changing the actual setting to "USER" and the detected perameters get entered for you.
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