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    I bought a game in the supermarket the other day , but being a bit of a novice in these things I did nt realise that it would be in Spanish ( I live in Spain) and my Spanish is not up to it i m afraid.

    Is there any way I can translate the CD rom into English or do I just put it down to experience -??

    H ave looked on Google for instructions but they are not much help.

    The game, by the way is Die by the Sword.

    Any help would be appreciated.


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    Have you tried looking in the options...sometimes you can change the language in there.

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    is everything.
    There's no language packs for it (sometimes people write packs for other languages for games).

    Unless Sara's idea works, and it's worth trying, then you're out of luck.

    In which case, take it back and explain and try and exchange for an English game. Only the most heartless of people wouldn't let you exchange.

    Edit: I had a look around and it's not on any filesharing progs I use.
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