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Thread: GBA flash carts

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    I'd like to get a flash cart for my GBA (old version), but I don't really know what to get.

    * Any good brands/models I should look out for ? I'm not looking for lots of space - enough for a few games, but I would like one that's cheap & reliable.

    * Are there any reputable online resellers that deliver in Europe, or can I get these things in regular stores ?

    * Since the DS will be reverse-compatible, will a GBA flash cart work on it too ?


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    Try Flash2advance. I hear that it is the best. You could also try EZ flash

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    Damn, those are more expensive then I thought.

    I guess it'll be a 128 then - maybe when the Xmas money comes through.

    Any chance of finding these in games/electronics stores ?


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