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    Hi, I am tryig to conver AVI to DVD.
    I am using source creator and my DVD player does play MPEG 2 sound so i am ok with all that.

    My query is on the size i should convert my AVI's to.
    Is there a tool available that will tell you the best video bitrate??

    The file size in AVI is 700mb. I have about 10 of these to burn. I was just going to double the size of each onto the DVD. For instance 3 700mb files would equal 4.2 gig on the DVD.

    Does this sound ok or would i still lose a lot of quality??

    Any help would be appreciated


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    if the movie length of your avi is 1.5 to 2 hours or so, then 1 movie per DVD is quite enough, if you want to retain the quality
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