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    Think this is the right forum....Well ive got a problem with BT Broadband, when i connect to it the bytes recieved is very little and takes about 2 minutes untill i can access a web page because its going so slow. Its hard to explain!

    Anyone understand me and know or got any ideas of how i can change it?

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    Is the problem with all web pages or just certain ones

    Also when downloading files, is that also very slow

    Have you tried one of those speed test websites

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    try reinstalling the software\drivers.

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    Do you have a limited monthly bandwidth transfer?

    I know some ISP's will cut your connection down to a minimum if you top out before your month is up.

    Possibly something to do with your actual phone line, knowing BT
    Phone them and ask


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    I've tryed everything you said Guys, i heard that a few people are having problems with Internet Speeds due to SP2, Could this be it, Its very annoying.


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