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Thread: VHS to DVD ?

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    One of my uncle has his marriage video on VHS. I thought of converting it to a proper DVD for him. So I took it to one of the shop to get it converted digitally. But the guy says that he only knows to convert into a VCD. But I know that the VCD quality is very bad. I want a better way. How/What should I do convert it digitally ?
    What software would I need and how much hard drive space will be required ?

    Thank you sooo much.
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    You cannot inprove the quality of the video. There must be a way to put the video on your pc and then you can convert it 2 DVD but i dunno how
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    A good place to look info about DVD related stuff:
    Tons of links in there too.

    Anyways, I would go for the same approach as i do with Audio Tapes (remember those?)

    I play it with normal deck, insert output cabels to input in the PC.
    Then boot up the recording software, tweak the levels,
    push play on Ceck, and record on software.
    I record as Wave files, then if needed I can encode it to mp3.

    I havent done this to VHS tapes yet, allthoguth I have some funny ones I should
    backup because I got the DVD burner too.
    The quality on the VHS is usually pretty bad, so I'd like to get it as big as possible
    to the HDD, data-vise. Its easier then to encode it to avi or something and compare
    the original and compressed versions, there's always some data lost, hopefully not much
    as the tape-quality is bad allready.

    Im pretty sure there has to be some sort of program to do the "recording to hard disk" out there,
    just have to find it.

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    from what i know about doing this you need something like a dazzle 8 card to get the vhs tape converted to digital . pinnacle also do the equipment that you would need.


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