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Thread: Distorted Sound

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    Many MP3's I download play with distorted sound. (Some .exe programs also arrive corrupted). I then have to download them again and I seem to have a 50/50 chance of getting a working file.
    Yesterday I tried turning Norton AntiVirus 2003 OFF during downloads and every file I downloaded came in OK. Turn it back on again and problems arise!

    Why is this happening? I would rather have my antivirus running all the time.

    Any idea's on how to solve this?

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    I think you should use an online virus scanner and use a program like systemworks or even disk checker to fix any problems you may have.

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    i would guess that its a resorce problem not ur antivirus its just ur not useing as many resorces when its not runing try runing a full scan disk and do the surface test ur might have a bad spot on hd where the swap file is

    also if u got more them one memory board in the comp try taking one out and see if it happens and then try the other mem board by its self and try. if u only got 1 mem board take it to bestbuy and ask them to test it for u its free here but u should be ready to buy a new one from them if its bad just comin curtsey

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    Problem solved!

    Installed FreeRam XP Pro and everything is coming in OK now


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