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    A little boy and his father walk into a drugstore and proceed down the aisle with the condoms. The little boy sees a 3-pack of Trojans and asks his father who needs a 3-pack of condoms. The father replies, "That's for the high school boys, one for Friday night, one for Saturday night, and one for Sunday night." The little boy then asks, "Well, what about this 6-pack of condoms?" The father says, "That's for the college boys, two on Friday, two on Saturday, and two on Sunday." The little boy's eyes widen when he sees the 12-pack of condoms and asks incredously, "What kind of man needs a 12-pack?" The father replies, "Relax, son, that's for the married man, one for January, one for February,....."

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    I just got a few trojans on my pc today so this type of humor
    does not work presently
    try again later


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