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Thread: Looking for Okage: Shadow King - Please help if u can!

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    I've been looking for 2 old game recently Frequency and Okage... Thx to Agent Smith for getting Frequency to me narrowing my search to Okage... I really need to find this game for my GF. So if u own it and can FTP or upload to suprnova or know where a torrent is that would be great...
    Lot of thx to all the great members of this board and an extra thx goes to Agent for getting frequency to me.

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    I think i saw it at my friends house, i'll check tommarow.

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    LOL ok cool that would be awesome!

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    Try these on emule

    ed2k://|file|[PS2] oKaGe SHaDoW KiNG NTSC [by KeiTH] [BurritosBand] [found via].bin|524129088|aa66be2b6924a7ddfc6f4dc6ec355632|/

    ed2k://|file|PS2-Okage Shadow King-FULLCD-NTSC by Elcriollo (www tk) [DVD] [found via].rar|330915118|04b630721712c24e0d84b1f6e6e9545b|/

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    ahhh no evil!!! I can't get stuff off emule caues of my modems built-in firewall... But I have tried to get it off emule along with frequency... Left it running for 3 days got 27% on frequency and I couldn't even get okage to start... And emule is the only network I could find it on... So my only options are maybe a torrent thats out there somewhere I haven't found or someone owns it and will upload to suprnova or do an FTP... And as my very last resort i'll have to find a used copy.
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