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Thread: 8 Mile

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    Mar 2003
    first of all it was a great movie one of those u wanna watch again and again

    i liekd the bit at the snack bar and he tells the guy to eat a biscuit
    him shagging the girl
    the song about his car .. and his mum buying him it......
    and him battering the boy friend B)

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    I too think it's a great film, who's the star?

    Anyway, my best bits are: The "sweet home alabama" parody
    Final battle, classic
    Parking lot scene (yeah "fuck freeworld" )

    actually I love the whole film .....................

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    i thought the movie was good too.
    the final battle was awesome
    MC BOB (cheddar)was funnier than shit
    i did find it hard to believe that eminem could
    kick anyones ass that he knew growing up. but who cares

    "You can do anything you set your mind to" Eminem
    hey i think my kindergarded teacher told me the exact
    same thing like 20 years ago! lol

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    its funny when he tells everyone the guys name is clarris

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    hahaha too bad all the battle scenes were fucking scripted

    i've heard eminem try to freestyle..fucker only recycles his lines from his songs

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    dude you can download some of eminems old battles
    from kazaa he was freestyling and they werent written.
    the freestyles that you hear from while he was at
    radio stations promoting arent his battle freestyles.
    in the old battle freestyles its real.
    download "eminem rap olympics" you will see

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    yes i have heard that wack ass shit also on kazaa..not very impressive at all

    please dont try to give me a lecture on battling and freestyles either. i listen to much more underground rap and have a much better understanding of the rap game than you like eminem man

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    LMAO chill out dude. i aint givin you any lectures
    good to know you know way more about blah blah whatever you said.
    i do know underground hip hop though, and the freestylers that try to
    make music suck. they should stick to freestyling. so fook off buddy.

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    first of claim to know about underground hip hop? so what freestylers that try to make music suck?

    Juice, Lil Flip, Chamillionaire, Punchline and Wordsworth, High & Mighty, Copywrite..all freestylers that make good rap

    "so fook off buddy"..what the fuck?

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    LMAO - so you name some rappers and that means they make good music?
    wow, i better not mess with your scary deep underground rap knowledge.
    seriously, continuing this arguement would be lame as hell and
    borderline gay.
    you are the winner

    p.s. copywrites songs suck royal poop - his lyrics are awesome but damn
    learn how to make a song thats listenable

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