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Thread: Wanadoo Broadband - Getting 512K, AOL 1MB?

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    Im currently on Wanadoo, i should be getting 1MB, but instead still on the 512k (i know it says if you can't recieve 1MB, you will get 512k instead).

    Although, im in a popular area (near Birmingham UK), so i thought i should be able to get 1MB?

    If i swop to AOL Broadband 1MB, will this allow me to get 1MB broadband?

    Strange i know

    Any replys welcome


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    no, you should know what you are on by how much you pay - are you sure you're on 512, not just not getting great speeds?

    ISPs are supposed to try to get 1MB and then inform you you were ineligable, and ask if you want 512 instead.

    if you are ineligable for 1mb from 1 isp, then you are ineligable from all (adsl anyhow), as it is BT who set the limits. the limits are based upon how noisy your line is and how far you are from the exchange (as the cable runs). this means that you may well be too far away to recieve the faster speed.

    Now, BT have recently (september) changed the limits for 1MB, so if you couldnt get it before, you may be able to now, assuming of course its a while since you tried to get 1MB. The best way to go about this is to go to this page: it will check your line for you. if you get an amber or a green light for 1MB, then go and ask your ISP for an upgrade (find out how much it will cost first!) they will upgrade you, if you are elligable, and you wont have to pay to change ISP.
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