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Thread: Windows Server 2003 Has Gone Gold!

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    Just moments ago, Microsoft announced that Windows Server 2003 has gone Gold and been released to manufacturing.
    The gold code came out of escrow last night at approx 9pm EST. The most recent build that went in to escrow as far as we know was #3790. The only detail that we are waiting to hear, is if the build # has been rounded up by their marketing department to #3800.

    Microsoft has been preparing over 70,000 industry partners to market, deploy and service Windows Server 2003 when it launches April 24. More than 550,000 customers signed up for preview program betas, the highest number for any server in the history of the company.

    Read the announcement at Microsoft PressPass
    And Other winbeta News:

    Well, nothing new. This is just a confirmation: Earlier today Windows 2003 Server build 3790 has been declared as 'Gold, Final, RTM' or whatever the flavor of the week is.

    Here's where things start to get confusing, so listen up soldier. Existing builds of 3790 contain documentation and notes that ARE NOT final. Although the code is frozen, the rest of the iso is not. As of around 12:00 noon PST Windows Beta posted that 3790 is the final updated build and is available for download. Things will start happening fairly quickly now.

    In the interest of keeping things as simple as possible, please keep your seat in the upright position, all bags should be stowed underneath your seat or in overhead storage. When a finished iso is available we will notify you and a stewardess will be by to take your order. We will be serving a FULL meal on this flight. Expect to see an initial Advanced Server release, shortly followed by the main course of AIO that has the ability to create full stand-alone iso's for all your other Win 2k3 needs.

    I would like to congratulate the Windows Server team for an excellent product, that we've seen evolve from an XP clone to a wonderfully stable and secure (so far) server. Thanks for the hard work.
    Well I'm sure excited. Can't wait for this to come out.

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    si whens the Pro version come out?? The server really no good unless u have a server

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    Hope you got a server. no point other wise. you got to have a comand to shut it down. wast of time if it ant a propper server.


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