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    I want to play the game but pc gamer says the minimum requirements are exactly what i have.

    800mhz, 128 mb or ram( i have 384) 32mb T&L card and a sound card.

    does anyone know if the requirements would run the game.

    i mean i played df:bhd and C&C generals at all low settings and it ran fine.

    b4 i dl the game i just want to make sure when i install it it runs.

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    It'll play fine!

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    Boy did I have a jacked up experience when I went to install that game on my old computer.

    Soon as I went to start the install it said my proceesor speed was to slow, hit next then it said my graphics card needed to be updated. Again hit next and it said I needed more ram to run the game properly. Few more things popped up telling me how shitty my computer is. Felt like I was on a really bad site with pop-ups crawling out of its ass.

    Sort of pissed me off, I know how bad my computer is, I don't need to be told that shit by the friggin installer. knew I wasn't gonna be able to run it, just wanted to check it out. was kind of funny though :crying:

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    this has been such a fun game i pissed off a bunch of russians so know i got a bunch of them coming to try and destroy my base but its been a fun game i prob put in about 10 hours so far and have not got bored. There is so much to do

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    it was fun for like 20 hours, then eventually you'll run into bugs and get stuck w/ the missions. So, use the cheats to unlock the traps.


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