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Thread: Bin and Cue Files Help

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    well i have this movie that i got from a torrent. what am i supposed to do with the cue files. i know it's supposed to have bin files as well but it does not have them.

    what should i do?
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    nero > recorder > burn image

    find and choose your cue file


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    Quote Originally Posted by muchspl2
    nero > recorder > burn image

    find and choose your cue file

    He can't if he doesn't have the bin...
    I know u can burn bin files without a cue but last time i checked u could not burn cue files without the bin

    I just relized u said cue files. so u have more then one cue? if so the larger file is the bin
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    Well a .cue file will be about 1kb so it is doubtful that icantwin has only a .cue file.

    Do what muchspl says and nero will probably burn whatever you do have there, it may be that your system is hiding common extensions.

    If that doesn't work post here what files you did download.
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    u could also burn it by converting the bin files into mpeg format then burn , thus you wouldn't have to worry about the cue files. Try using vcdgear, its nice and fast for coverting.
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    How do I work the vcdgear?

    Awww nevermind, I found out on my own
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