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    for those that are interested
    please note mac attributes,1759,1683079,00.asp

    Dell Inspiron 9200

    Dell Inc.

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Home
    Processor Class: Pentium M
    Processor Speed: 2.1 GHz
    RAM: 1024 MB
    Hard Drive Capacity: 100 GB
    Hard Drive Speed: 5400 rpm
    Wireless: 802.11g
    Screen Size: 17 inches
    Primary Optical Drive: DVD+/-RW
    System Weight: 8 lbs
    Type: Desktop Replacement, Gaming, High-end Multimedia, Multimedia

    Multimedia fans will enjoy what the 9200 has to offer—great components and performance, rounded out by a solid multimedia software package, all at a competitively low price.

    Bright display. Very good performance. Multiformat drive.

    Big and bulky.

    Check Prices 2499 Dollares

    By Cisco Cheng
    Dell is wasting little time adding on to its stylish new Inspiron line. The latest model, the Inspiron 9200, is a multimedia powerhouse. It has the fastest Pentium M 765 processor currently available, a gorgeous 17-inch screen, and the longest-lasting battery we've seen in a desktop replacement—all for a very good price. On top of that, customers will be thrilled to know that Dell has included a multiformat DVD±RW drive instead of one that can handle only DVD+RW.

    Btw what is this type of plug connection next tothe vga socket?,00.jpg
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    looks like the connection used by some tft's not sure exactlay what its called, maybe dvi?
    yep, looks like dvi click
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