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Thread: Cm4

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    I've down-loaded CM4 twice and I keep getting the same problem, the error which keeps coming up is a error 1335 at about 16% install in the Can anyone tell me what this error is.

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    wut's cm4?

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    championship manager 4, a football management game, and the best one there is IMHO.

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    There is a bad rip version of CM4 out there that gives this install error

    Either download stoi's version or mine, I know that both work

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    What is the filename from your shared cm4?

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    Their Are Many Versions around and some sadly are crap.

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    Is this being installed from an iso/bin file? If so i believe you may have a corrupt version. As I understand it error 1335 normally means it is unable to unpack the cab file. Try running the iso/bin through CD Mage to check for errors.

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    What is the file size of the CM4 that works????

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    I got exactly the same problem Crazycol doing the typical installed fine on the minimum install though. Btw I dl the bin file everyone else did...the 294,877 file. I'll see if cdmage will fix it cos I dl this file to play the full game otherwise I would've dl the Divine rip. Anyelse got any suggestions?

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    I guess nobody read any forum post on games like this.

    make sure there are no errors
    burn cd
    can't read from cd so it errors out??

    copy game from cd to hard drive folder
    install from folder
    works fine, but boring...........

    if you got it form Kazaa then your on your own.

    file size and name:

    ims-cm4.bin 294.878

    install the crack on the cd from the crack folder.
    it should come up a blue screen with options on the left and some in the middle. There is a update patch that I have not tried yet, and may not be a cd crack for it yet. check megagames, gamecopyworld, or gamefix......

    its not that hard folks..............


    mine works fine, you need to update it and find the cd patch. If you can't do that then you should stick to downloading movies.

    I have posted the solution to games like these 4 times.
    iron storm
    and any other game that windows install can't read the .cab.


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