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Thread: problem when burn music

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    i don't know why sometimes when i tried to burn music to CD, only some songs are burnable, but some songs are unmovable. i got this message " cannnot add file......, the reason: the selected WMA files are protected and cannot be processed."

    anyone know why? what do i need to do to be able to burn these songs?

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    Either convert them to MP3 -
    (there's plenty of others out there, this is the first result I got)
    or make sure you don't D/L .wma's

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    you can burn wma's wav's mp3's... but not in the same session..all files must be the same format... you choose the format at the opening screen and only those files will show, or be permitted to be burned.... I also sometimes get your error "file cannot be added" because I try to add a m3u file when I "select all" ... whoops

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