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    i have winXP and noticed recently that the task manager (alt+ctrl+del) doesnt look normal. the ususal rows of buttons at the top that are usually in every open window, are not there. these including the file,edit, etc. row and the tabs for going to the different sections, as well as the normal blue bar across the top with the minimize, close, title, etc. whats up? what caused this and how can i get it back? its really annoying cuz i seem to use this a lot. has this happened to ne1 before??

    thanks for your help.

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    ummm i dunt use xp... 2000 pro... anywayz how long has ur posts been 32!!!!

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    I think there sa view option somwhere u can change the view of the toolbar

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    Ok this has happened to me before but its such a stupid thing you're gonna hit yourself.

    Open up your task manager. It probably just looks like a box. Double click anywhere on the grey. It should go back to its original form. You can switch back and forth my doubel clicking the grey areas.

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    DUDE, I had the same problem for a while---and I finally figured it out----

    I used too many different "Tweak" programs and fuckup up the Task Manager...

    I had to reinstall my OS for it to come back;

    Question: Have you been "tweak happy" and screwed your Task Manager?

    Your buddy

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    hey yo u guys were right. i was tweakin the hell outta windows. but i double clicked on the grey part and it came back! thanks a lot guys.


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