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Thread: Best Interrnet Monitoring Software

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    What's the best internet monitoring software? I hear that Eblaster is good and that there are a few others like it. Anyone have any thoughts on these?

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    I've heard that Netlimiter is alright but eblaster is suppose to be really good. I can even install it on computer at home from work and it e-mails reports listing usage. Is there another that has these same features?
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    Anyone know anything about Perfect Key Logger? It sounds nice in the sales pitch.

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    Might as well throw a trojan in there as well ; o
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    With perfect keylogger? They claim that the info they collect is only sent to the e-mail you want but I do wonder.

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    I tried finding perfect keylogger at staples but they don't carry it. I don't use credit cards so can't buy it over the net. Anyone know if there is a free download out there? Recently re-formated this computer and do not have Kazza light back on yet and was wondering if anyone there is sharing perfect keylogger.


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