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Thread: Xp Formatting Harddrive

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    I have just installed Partition Magic 8 and have found out that windows xp did not completely format my complete drive. It left 7mb unformatted. What could have caused this. When I installed xp I told it to completely format the whole 80gigs. How to go about fixing it.

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    what hard drive u have... some times it says it has this much space but really it doesnt...

    when i brought my hard drive it was like 6gbs it only has 5.54 tho... :/... lolz.... my com is really old 6gbs use to be 100 dollars

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    Its a western digital harddrive. Iunderstand that just because its an 80 gigs harddrive does not necessarily mean you will get 80 gigs. Actually I am only getting 76gigs. But out of the 76gigs it has [B][U]unallocatted 7.8mbs.. I have run a test on the harddrive and there are no physical problems with it.

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    It's normal. Don't worry about it.

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    Originally posted by Nobody1234@29 March 2003 - 03:48
    It's normal. Don't worry about it.
    exactly... just a few mbs... who cares

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    Thanks to the both of you. You have set my nerves to relax.

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    lolol.... well keep reformating... no hard done there... maybe it will change... lol....

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    That is normal, no matter what you do, partition magic will read the unallocated space. It is so minute, not to worry.

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    I have a 60gB hard drive, but in actuality, it is like 58.6. When you partition, the software only allows you to choose sizes divisble by 8, or near 8, depending on the actual size of your hard drive. Therefore, your partition is going to be less.

    Guess what else is misleading. YOUR RAM!!! You may have 512mb of RAM, but your bios will actually see what you have. I something near 514mB of RAM.

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    yeah well the world aint perfect.

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