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Thread: Canon S900 Print head

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    I have a strange problem with my Canon S900 printer. There are 6 ink tanks in the printer. All are working and printing perfectly apart from the cyan (blue).

    I can physically see the wet ink on the print head. When pressing against a paper towel all 6 colours come out. However when printing pics or doing nozzle checks, print head alignment, the cyan will not show at all!!

    It is not the ink tanks being blocked, i have swapped them. it is also not the print head, i have tried a second. I have also changed the USb lead!!

    Has anyone ever come across this b4???

    I am using win xp sp2 (although it didnt work when win xp was a fresh install either)


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    Sounds like an electrical connection problem/chip failure within the actual printer circuitry. There will probably be a chip (or part of a chip) which controls all the cyan printing. If that chip or the circuit to it has failed you would get this symptom.

    If it is still under warranty you should obviously take it back. Otherwise, it sounds like the printer has a terminal failure.
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