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Thread: Cooling Down

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    any suggestions on how to cool it down

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    Turn it off? I would like to know how to cool a monitor when it's still on.

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    exactly thatz what i would like tho know

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    Why? Is yours overheating or something?

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    I think he just wants to keep the monitor cool when turned on for a long time. Is that even possible?

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    I think they are designed to work continuously and if they get quite warm that's normal. No need to add additional cooling. It's not like you can overclock your monitor.

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    lolz.. darn i just want a quicker way to cool down my monitor so my mother doesnt know that i was online ... not suppose to really use it without her knowing... since imma suppose to be doing school work etc lololz

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    well i can think of a few ways to get around that but i wouldnt want to help u deseve ur mom u should do as she says

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    well letz get around it

    lol darn then i onli have to wait 3hrz since shez at school

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    Just drop it into a bathtub of cold water before she gets home. That'll cool it down fast.

    Edit: To add... Just in case someone actually tries this. I was not serious. Do not do this!!!!

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