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Thread: The Terminal dvdrip kvcd from suprnova!!!????

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    I just got this movie and the file size was 700 some MB and BT was Saying it was the right size but once it finished the download I went to the directory and all that was there was the cue and the cue file is only a couple kb my question is where did the bin go??? I checked my entire computer... So is it a problem with this torrent has anyone else DL it and did this happen to u

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    If your using AZ and you updated it resets to the default directory although I doubt thats it since you found the cue file...
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    Nope I don't use AZ... I've also ran an entire search on my computer... So I'm not sure where the heck it is... I was hopeing maybe it was just a problem with that source then I at least know its happened to other people but if I'm the only one thats happened to with that file I need to figure out why and where it's hiding or if it deleted it self somehow

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    just reopen the torrent

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    Quote Originally Posted by muchspl2
    just reopen the torrent
    I tried but it just starts over... The bin file is completely gone... I don't think theres much I can do to get it back... But I would like to know if anyone downloaded this version and had the problem... If not I might have to look into the problem more.


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