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Thread: Comuter To Tv?

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    I have an ATI TV card but I don't think the video rca is an output.

    Is there an easy way, less expensive to feed PC screen to TV?

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    It looks to me that you just need the right kind of cable.
    (assuming that you have a standard type TV).
    I myself use a video-out cable + an stereo-audiocable.
    For good picturequality it's best to have not a too long cable.

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    I too have an ATI card.

    From the many ATI cards that I have used and seen, It most likely has an RCA jack that is for TV output.

    To get the TV output to working, you need to get the correct drivers from ATI website. You also need the ATI software control panel for that card!!!!!!!!!!!! Most drivers will install the control panel, so you need not worry about that, yet. If you see a little ATI logo in your task bar, next to the Windows clock, then you are in good shape, and the ATI control panel is installed.

    You need to get a standard RCA cable and connect your PC to a television that is turned on. The ATI card need to "see" the recieved signal. Your telivision (or VCR) needs to have the same RCA jack for INPUT.

    Somewhere in the display settings in your PC is a mode for Television. Tinker with those settings.

    NOTE: To watch DIVX or mpegs (or any movies), you will not see anything on your computer monitor but an empty media player window, but your television will recieve that correctly.

    Good Luck

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    Thanks Guys,

    I just went and blew a hundred bucks on a Nvidia card that has more features.

    Again, Thanks for your help.

    BTW> anyway, it gave me an excuse to buy something new for my comp.


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