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    i was setting up my parenst comp when i needed to restart so
    the video driver could work and when it was shuting down it came up
    with that window you know program not responding -End now-/Cancel
    but the name of the program was "you should not see me"

    has anyone else seen this or know what it is
    that comp has not been on the net yet its not even on the network

    any help would be great

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    Apparently nothing to worry about.

    Quote from other boards:
    I have seen this message several times over the last year or so, on several different computer setups even after a fresh format and install of sp4.

    I currently have a SIS chipset, and a radeon card and I just saw it.

    I believe it is a microsoft windows program, possibly to do with service pack 4. All my computer has on it right now is win2k, sp4, a few more security updates and no other software apart from SIS drivers and radeon drivers.

    It has nothing to do with spyware or any application/software.
    My comp has no viruses or anything because it is a fresh install and im behind a firewall machine with the latest norton viruscan software protecing me from that comp.

    Basically I would reccomend people dont get worried about this, its just somthing simple embedded in windows.
    This task is normal. It is a part of the installer program. It's supposed to do its magic almot instantly and you shouldn't see the window this is why the witty programmer named it so. If the window was named "Installer cleanup process" then you wouldn't be scared at all although if I was an evil hacker then that would be exactly what I would name my trojan.


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    Don't give any1 any ideas


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