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Thread: Bootable Live Windows CD/DVD

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    Quote Originally Posted by hippychick

    It is windows XP on a CD. It works great. Try it. :-)
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    I found the Super_WinPE_UBCD_2004_Std ISO form suprnova about a half ayer ago,
    it has helped me with fixing a many PC's. i need to find the Full version someday...

    Take a peek whats in the standard 700mb CD:


    * Windows Preinstallation Environment (WinPE) 3in1 (in Standard Version):

    1. Windows XPE [The Super Power], i386 folder renamed as \XPEW
    2. Windows PE XP-SP1 [Version 5.1.2600], i386 folder renamed as \WXPE
    3. ERD Commander 2003 [Version 4.0], i386 folder renamed as \ERDC

    * Disk Commander and Recovery Command Consoles of Windows 2000, XP and 2003 are included::

    1. Windows 2000 Recovery Command Console, i386 folder renamed as \W2KC
    2. Windows XP Recovery Command Console, i386 folder renamed as \CMDC
    3. Windows 2003 Recovery Command Console, i386 folder renamed as \2K3C
    4. Winternals Disk Commander [Version 1.1], i386 folder renamed as \DCOM

    * In stead of booting to the Command Console which is provided in WinPE as default at startup, users can now switch between 4 Windows Shells through the PEShell Swapper: NU2Menu (Default), BlueBox, Total Commander or ERD Commander. GeoShell is added on the top of the above mentioned shells, providing the additional GeoLaunch, GeoTask and GeoBar features.
    * Since the BlueBox Shell is to be run on RamDrive B:, its Styles can be switched instantly even though the WinPE is run on the CD.
    * RamDrive B: has been added onto the WinPE. (32MB for WinPE XP-SP1, WinPE 2003, XPE 2004 and ERDC 2003). The size of the RAMDrive can be changed easily during the use with simply some clicks, no reboot is necessary.
    * Registry will be imported to WinPE and ERDC at startup for those installed programs which had made changes and will check upon it.
    * Programs & Program_Files folders included are with installed programs, ready run on CD (and/or Hard-Drive). Programs which are expected to be run on Ramdisk B: have been compressed as Self-Extracted files. To run a Ramdisk Program, you should first extract it to the destination of Ramdisk B:, and then run the extracted program on Ramdisk.
    * Installed programs on CD are: Notepad, Wordpad, Editor2, MS-Paint, IrfanView, Calculator, Calendor, Explorer, 2xExplorer, A43 File Management Utility, WinNC 3000 Pro, Console, RegEdit, nu2menu, totalcmd, DiskCommander, Ad-Aware, ob1, FileZilla, WinRAR, WinImage, VNC, rdesktop, putty, DrvCloner, ISOBuster, Nero, CDCheck, Reshacker, Dependency Walker, PowerQuest & avast! Recovery Tools, Ghost8, BGInfo, Mcafee commandline virus scanner & AVERT Stinger, SetResolution, IPConfig, TaskMgr, DiskPart, Diskcopy, PESwapper, PENetCfg, ScrSet , Display, NJStar Communicator, Quick View Plus, Microsoft Office 97 and Acrobat Reader.
    * Ramdisk programs included are bluebox, XVI32, Opera7, AVPersonal, UltraISO, CDImageGUI , Paragon Hardisk Manager 5.5 and lastly Partition Magic 8.0 (to be worked WinPE on Hard-Drive only).
    * All versions of WinPE's (except the PQRE) have been applied with Chinese Plugin for displaying Chinese Characters in BIG5 or GB coded web pages. Chinese characters can be input in Simplified and Traditional Chinese Edition as well.
    * Under Win32 environment, the Autorun CD-Menu will let you select to run Nu2Menu, view CD release notes, browse CD contents or create Stand-Alone ISO of a WinPE Xp-Sp1 CD (English, Simplified or Traditional Chinese), WinPE 2003 CD, XPE 2004 CD or a ERD Commander 2003 CD on root directory of drive C: when this CD is inserted.
    * Full version of the Super WinPE UBCD 2004 contains about 1.2 GB of optimized contents (5 GB when expanded) which are expected to be put and run with a DVD or a Virtual CD. Standard version of the Super WinPE UBCD 2004 contains about 700 MB of optimized contents (3 GB when expanded) which can be put and run with a Standard 700 MB CD though.
    * Advanced user may be interested to look into the contents of the 2 files (mkpeubcd.cmd & mkwuperwinpe.cmd) located under the root directory of this DVD/CD. They help to create ISO images of either a Full Version or a Standard Version of the Super WinPE UBCD 2004 onto a target with the source on HD (using mkpeubcd.cmd) or on DVD/CD (using mksuperwinpe.cmd).
    If you find this CD on any p2p, better download it, its excellent.

    It is a bit different task to learn how to learn to use all the tools innit thought...


    An interesting link:

    Super WinPE UBCD 2004 Pro (Full 1.2 GB DVD Version)

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    I agree. I have used one of these CDs recently to recover from a corrupted filesystem. You just need to make sure you have enough memory or an extra HD. The best bootable option on it i thought was this one:
    1. Windows XPE [The Super Power], i386 folder renamed as \XPEW
    It is a very good replica of WinXP.


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