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Thread: What is .mkv?????

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    I got this movie called Kill Bill vol 1 and when it was done both the movies where blahblah.mkv wtf is this and how do i change it!!!

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    that my son is a Matroska video stream.Now as you say the file name is "OMG I LOVE THIS SHIT.MKV."Simply delete the .MKV and replace with .AVI.Even as your file is will play as is,this should "fix" something that needs no fixing.Tell then adieu.

    P.S. i did post a site where your file extensions can be found.Must i post it again.
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    .mkv is audio and video in a container called Matroska. It is similar to the avi container, but not the same! Renaming it is not the solution.

    You can play it if you install the K-Lite Codec Pack.


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