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Thread: Stop the interweb?

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    Is there a way to stop a program using the interweb? I dont want a firewall however they are to much a pain in the ass. I have netlimited and the program is thee but i don't know how to stop it connecting.

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    i'm pretty sure that the only way is by using a firewall-type program.

    edit: maybe if you could somehow find out where that program is connecting to then you cna add it to your hosts file to block it.
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    Use a firewall!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Virtualbody1234
    Use a firewall!
    Agree, use a firewall, they're not that complicated

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    No, im no using a firewall for a number of reasons. I have enough trouble connecting to people with my internet already and im not fucking around with anything that will mess it up. There must be a program or option in Netlimiter.....i don't know where it connects to Rosco and im sure they have multiple servers.

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    Netlimiter cannot set input/output below 1k so it can't block input/output completly

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZaZu
    Netlimiter cannot set input/output below 1k so it can't block input/output completly
    Yes but it only does 2-3k each time i run it, i need it STOPPED completely.

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    Ive said before that fw can be a real shit but after trying a few Ive found that Sygate has not caused me any problems like the others and it is really the only way to do what you want...

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    Yeah, Sygate's been great for me as well. I really would recommend that you put some kind of firewall on your machine.

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    firewall doesn't cause u is flexible enuf to ask u everytime there's a connection request
    that is wat u should be using instead of netlimiter.

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