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Thread: Automatic Data Transfer from PC to PC?

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    Can someone recommend a product for automatic data transfer from (a specified location in) RAID (where the specification comes from another PC) to a laptop PC, without requiring any human involvement and/or Internet connection? (i.e., no wireless/Ethernet etc required) It would need to work reliably for a large volume of data, on the order of tens of thousand of numbers per second.

    Also, what is the fastest mode for this: serial, USB, parallel port, etc? Which of these does the suggested product work with?

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    ethernet would be more than fast enough and would be the cheapest.

    not sure how you can do this windows 98 you could do this with breifcase.

    i think maybe synchronize in windows xp does it.
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    Maybe you could explain more precisely what your trying to do.

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    well you could use an ftp client to synchronise the files every eg. 2 seconds

    you could get a null modem to use through usb 2, which should give pretty damn good speeds, but easiest would just be to hook up a LAN cable.
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