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Thread: Usb

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    got an mp3 player with is connected through usb. its usb 1.1 and i only have usb 2.0. the installation CD that came with it is only for if you have windows 98. i have xp pro. when i plug the player into usb 2.0 its not recognized. what do i do if i don't have usb 1.1?

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    it will run at the slower speed as usb 2.0 is backward-compatible.

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    for windows XP you dont need any drivers, XP will recognize it as an external storage device......

    mind you that you might need to turn your comp off, plug it in, the boot with the mp3 player in......

    and like Samurai said, USB 2.0 is backwards compatible with USB 1.1

    the only diference between the two is the speed........
    while USB 1.1 will run at only 12 mbit/s, while USB 2.0 (a.k.a. USB High Speed) is capable of speeds up to 480 mbit/s

    if one of the devices is USB 1.1 and one is USB 2.0 it will work fine, the only limit will be the speed, which will max out at 12 mbit/s......... which will still get you an mp3 on your player in 4 seconds........


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