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Thread: Bush and his 'crew' in fracas..

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    SANTIAGO, Chile (CNN) -- It was a rare moment of role reversal -- U.S. President George W. Bush coming to the aid of a man paid to protect him.

    Upon arriving for an official dinner with world leaders gathered for the annual APEC summit on Saturday night, the president stopped after hearing commotion at the door of the Estacion Mapocho Cultural Center.

    According to a videotape of the incident, Bush turned around and saw that one of his Secret Service agents was being forcefully restrained from entering by Chilean security guards.

    The president dove into the crowd, where people were arguing and pushing one another, and pulled the agent through the door of the Center.

    After the successful rescue, Bush turned around, cocked his head proudly at his maneuver and began to greet his hosts.

    The White House is downplaying the incident as an unfortunate misunderstanding with Chilean security services.

    "There was some confusion over whether the president's Secret Service agent could accompany him to the dinner, but the issue was resolved," White House spokeswoman Claire Buchan told CNN.

    The president is in the Chilean capital for the weekend Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, making his first international trip since winning a second term on November 2.


    Dude ya' gotta have ya' boys back!

    If you attack the establishment long enough and hard enough, they will make you a member of it.
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    Impulsive fellow that Bush

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    wish someone jigged him in the back


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