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Thread: how to get into chat room without having java installed?

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    does anyone know how to use chat rooms without having java installed on the computer? i am using winxp pro sp2, i cant get into chat room unless i have java installed on the computer. so is there any way to make it work without having java installed?

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    Not if its a Java chat room,that would be like trying to run a Windows program without Windows installed

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    Java(TM) 2 Runtime Environment, Standard Edition 1.4.2_06

    Choose the Windows Offline Installation, Multi-language

    Save it on you computer, run it. I suggest installing all options...

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    why offline installation?

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    most java chat rooms can be accessed via IRC with mIRC (if you know the server and roomname)

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    Quote Originally Posted by vietguy
    why offline installation?
    Backup. I save all my programs, and burn them monthly, incase shit ever hits the fan.

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    i don't like sun java. i have found the MS java, but thanks for your help anyways . again thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by vietguy
    i don't like sun java. i have found the MS java, but thanks for your help anyways . again thanks

    MS java is no longer being supported by anyone, including MS. You should use sun java.

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    what would happen if i use MS java? the reason i like MS java is because i have trouble chatting if i use sun java, but i don't know to explain the problem.


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