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Thread: College Network

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    I'm on a college network and would like to be able to utilize bit-torrentz...Doez anyone know how to get this through their firewall...I also have 17 gigz of software and 64 gigz of muzic if anyone knowz of any good torrent sitez...Currently I uze Torrentopia when I'm home from tha dormz...Thanx for tha help...virtualbeas

    Oh yeah, I guess ares and soulseek work, but bittorrentz don't seem to go.
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    Does your "S" not work on your keyboard?

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    I think hiz "S" workz. Anywayz, you probably want to try connecting to port 80 cauze thatz uzually an open port. If that doeznt work, you are going to have to uze tunneling.
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    Thanx, I'll try ta get that going later this week.

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    Also, if your college just sends you letters when you use bittorent, it is because they moniter they default ports (haha i forgot what they were somewhere around 8850-8890 or something like that). Try connecting to some random ports like 4000-4020. This keeps them off my back.

    Also, if they have "punish" you by remotely disconnecting your access to their network, I know how to bypass that.
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    Thanx...I know with some programz thatz been whatz happening...They get shut off tha network...Unfortunately bittorrentz won't run...I'll try thoze portz this weekend...thanx again


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