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Thread: sygate pro

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    I have been using ZA for 2 years,and have been having problems with it killing my connection in the middle of a download,on and off for the past few months .I gave up on it and uninstalled. Just started trying sygate pro and am wonder what peoples opinions are , as well as any other firewall choices.I'm not to concerned about incoming connections as I'm behind a router but in these days of trojans and spyware I really like to have a handle on my outgoing connections...thanks

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    Oct 2004
    Just stated using sygate after some issues with norton
    what i dont get with sygate is that
    with norton you have new upgrades nearly every week
    but with sygate there have been no new updates of signatures?!?

    Is it that perfect?

    I hope so
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    i think norton is updating spyware or something else signatures, no?

    sygate just blocks connections....which is what a firewall is meeant to do.

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    sygate pro is the best firewall imho. updates are every quarter give or take.

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    minor teething pains but all seems well so far.No major conflicts so far


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