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Thread: XBOX Modding Help

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    I am currently trying to mod my xbox and get Evox on it and also media center for xbox. i burnt the evox boot disc to a cdrw and put it in but my xbox said it can't read it. if anyone can help me get it working it would be greatly appreicated.

    thanx my friends

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    Did you pad it? I think the XBOX doesn't read discs that are not at least 300MB in size. There is a utility that will take your small amount of files and create an ISO that it padded.

    Also, the ISO that the XBOX reads isn't a normal ISO, it's backwards, so you need a special utility to read/create it. If you just took a bunch of files and burnt them to your disc, or if you have an ISO, but it is able to be read in your PC, or in WinISO, then you don't have a valid format. Personally, I prefer XISO to extract and create ISO's and DVD-Decryptor to burn it to DVD-R.

    That is about the limit of my CDRW knowledge (I used the ITOOLS/Action Replay/Splinter Cell trick myself and only have to worry about DVD-Rs and dying XBOX DVD drives) but you might want to let people know what version of CPU/Dashboard you have and what type of DVD drive your XBOX has. Info on both, as well as finding the ISO padding utility, can be found at

    Hope this helps.
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    I have the Samsung DVD Drive, My K:1.00.5101.01 and D:1.00.5960.01 they both came from settings in my xbox, i duno how i can tell what dashboard/cpu i hav so hope u guys can help thanx again.

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    That is cool. From what I've heard, Samsung is the most forgiving of the drives (Thompson the least forgiving.)

    You have the information, you just don't know it. Your Bios version is 5101, your Dashboard version is 5960.

    Just an FYI, any question you post in any Xbox Modding forum (not this one) should have "I have a Samsung Drive XBOX, K:5101, D:5960" before anything else.

    More importantly, what is the size of your ISO? Is it a Slayer or FireF**ker ISO? Did you create the ISO yourself? What utilty did you use to create it? If it is a reckognized ISO and not created, what utility did you use to burn it? And, finally, before you proceed to modify your XBOX, you are aware that, without a mod chip (and in light of the recent Halo 2 fiasco), you will never be able to play any games on XBOX Live with that unit.
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    Im guessing its Slayer's. You can only use that if your xbox is modded already.
    Need a cheap/easy way of modding your xbox? Check this out.

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    I am going to take the easy approach and get a actionreplay/mem card. so i can install evox, are you saying if i install evox i can't play ne game on xbox live?

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    you'd need to uninstall the ude ( exploit) in order to play on xbox live

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    I don't kno what that is but , i will find out i guess.


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