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    This is a commercial site, being funded by investors. It is similar in concept (as a business model) to Kazaa and they will definitely not want a lite version.

    Just so you know the real reasons behind it. As if there were ever any doubt.

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    I don't mind it being for commercial purposes. As long as I get it for free and enjoy the advantages of having it for free...

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    That was quick john - five minutes. Are you watching me, or are you watching posts about ES5, or both.

    Of course commercial is okay, that's what makes the world economy work. Just as long as people have the appropriate information and can make informed choices.

    I'm just sharing information I have obtained with colleagues on a peer to peer forum. That's not a problem is it.

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    Lol I've got nothing else to do right now, im just surfing the web and monitoring my posts.
    Anyways, I agree that theres nothing wrong with commercialness....thats what the whole world is about

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    Boardrules doesn't allow:

    6. Advertising or soliciting for a product or service for the purpose of commercial gain without the consent of the administrators is prohibited.
    so think it's oke for doing as you say Johnboy, as long as it is kept outside this forum... B)


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