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Thread: House of Flying Daggers Subtitle HELP!

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    just got this file in 2 cds. I have the english subs for them as well, but I'm not sure how to apply them to the movie??? Any suggestions? I have vobsub and virtual dub, but those are very foreign apps to me....HElp!!!!

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    if you're just trying to watch the movie with the subtitles on your PC... then use DirectVobSub.

    if you're trying to convert the files to a different format and permanently impose the subtitles onto the picture... that's a whole other can of worms, and you should prolly look up some guides at or

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    If you have VobSub installed and you want to watch it on your PC, make sure both the avi and the subtitle file(s) have the same filename (example: topgun.avi, topgun.sub or *.smi, *srt, *.idx ...). Vobsub should display the subtitles in most players when the filenames are the same.

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    yes, that's important too.


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