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Thread: Playing with Music File names !!!

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
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    mmm, It just ocured to me...
    Is there a way to play or modify the names or music titles in the
    ¨My Music¨ folder?...
    like puting diferent colors to the ¨Title¨ or ¨Author¨ fields?
    or may be doing it in the W Media Player?
    I know its not necesary, but It would be cool...

    Or do you know some plug ins or other cool stuff that you can instal to
    make your PC cool and Inovative?(in this case, in the music field).

    I like being inovative on my PC and software!,
    its cool when other people sees it...
    Thank you guys.
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    Vargas's Avatar gone fishin'
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    you can't get cooler then WinAMP with milkdrop

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    I think Milkdrop comes with WinAmp now.

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    Dont foget that every time one of us changes the file name or the IDv3 tags in a music file then that file becomes a "new" file on p2p programs so that you are the only sharer of that file in the world.

    All of this playing round with file names (as above) must make it harder for us all to get files.

    Slightly off topic now...

    It would be good if the p2p music community could tend to gravitate to just one or 2 naming conventions and then all of us edit our files to match those so that we get less versions of each song out there so that they are all easier to find and download !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vargas
    you can't get cooler then WinAMP with milkdrop
    MilkDrop sure is nice, but with a good graphics card, WINAMP w/R4 is teh coolest.

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    worldpease's Avatar always annoying
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    Jul 2004
    Tj Mexico
    Digmen1, I totaly understand and agree with you
    about both things you said earlier.

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    Most ppl serious enough has some sort of way to organise their mp3's.

    To look into one folder that would have all my mp3's, (over 30k) would
    probably look insane, rightly tagged or not.

    I think the default Kazaa way of collecting all to "My Shared Folder" is pretty lame, but thats just me. Most likely it would stall my system too, a lot.

    It really doesnt matter if one has only few files.

    And each on theyr own, hehe.

    A Media Player library can be made to fetch the missing information for tags but i've never used it.
    I do things manually album by album.
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