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Thread: WinXP SP2 security

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    This has probably been discussed before but I can't find it anywhere and the search function won't allow keywords shorter than 4 characters, so if someone could please point me in the right direction I would really appreciate it:

    I understand Windows XP Service Pack 2 does something to limit the number of some connections, and apparently eMule has some preferences for throttling those connections back. But my question is does SP2 cripple the download abilities of eMule? And if so, is there a good fix for this? (I've heard of some registry hacks for this, but I am also concerned about side-effects that will cause).

    Much thanks!

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    yes there is a patch for sp2 that will allow more connection for you.
    look at in the SP2 section and you will find some information and a link.

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    Windows XP sp2 make no limits on the number of tcp/ip connections at all. It is incomplete outbound TCP connection that is limited..

    The TCP/IP stack now limits the number of simultaneous incomplete outbound TCP connection attempts. After the limit has been reached, subsequent connection attempts are put in a queue and will be resolved at a fixed rate. Under normal operation, when applications are connecting to available hosts at valid IP addresses, no connection rate-limiting will occur. When it does occur, a new event, with ID 4226, appears in the systemís event log.

    Anyways you can try this
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    The latest version of Emule only allows 9 half-open connections at any one time, this is fully compatible with SP2


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