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Thread: PC access limiter?

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    is there any programs which allows u to control the PC or the operating system such as Windows XP?

    for example, limiting usage hours, in some cases preventin audio output, or allowing only certain programs to load in a different user such as in a limited account from an admin account

    so far ive known there are such programs for internet control for preventing surfing of certain web sites

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    There are all sorts of options available to do the things you suggest.

    Windows accounts by default have the possibility of restricting Logon times. You can restrict a user's options by customising the start menu so they only have the features you decide they should have. If necessary, remember to remove the "Run..." box and the Command prompt, and make sure they can't change their menu settings.

    It is a big subject, you should probably try googling to find out more options.
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    winxp can actually limit a lot more things than u can think.
    customising the start menu will not be enuf if the user starts getting smarter, he can just goto the programfiles folder and execute the program from there.

    ur gonna need to tweak the settings in the group policy. that thing is very powerful. u can customise wat programs that can be executed, set default wallpapers and even whether they can use the cdrom or not.

    unfortunately, i dunno much about this stuff. Perhaps someone can post a tutorial on group policy. that will help a lot of ppl in the future.

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    thanks alot for ur advise guys, i'll see what i could do limiting limited accounts in windows XP


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