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Thread: Any Msn Chatters Out There?

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    When I try to chat in msn, ( It says in the window "Please wait, connecting to server...." then a window pops up and says "Network problems are preventing you from connecting to the chat service. Please try agian later" BUT I CAN connect to an MSN chat room with Scripts. And it started doing this yesterday, but i was chatting in an msn chat room and i got kicked from the chat room and that message starting poping up. and i have my active x on low so it should work, or atleast thats what msn help said. help me please

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    This should be in Softwareworld.

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    noooo... move the deleted posts....

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    Try installing IE6 and set al you setting to defualt In IE6>Tools>Internet Options>Advanced(Tab)>Set to Defualt.


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