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Thread: Problem whenever I access

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    Everytime I go to to log on to my email account and check my mail, the page freezes and I have to CTRL + ALT + Delete to close the task. I also notice that when the page freezes, "msbb.exe" appears in the process tab and has more than 40,000 of memory usage. I also "end" that task.

    Whats going on? Why does this happen?

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    scan for spyware and viruses?
    then run hijackthis! and post log.

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    msbb.exe is spyware.

    Look in Add/Remove Programs and uninstall anything with "180Solutions".

    Or just use Ad-Aware.
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    Use Adaware as they said. I also have Spybot installed ... so I run both. At least once a week is a good idea. Hijack this also as stated above... post a log and get back with Rossco.... Rossco be the master of HijackThis logs
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    Problem Solved. I ran spybot. thanks a ton

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    Long term solution:

    Prevention is better than cure...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tifosi
    Long term solution:

    Prevention is better than cure...
    yep, though this wont allow some hotmail functions, it is best to use an alternative browser......... this DRASTICALLY reduces the amount of spyware and crap on your comp........

    i have had a total of only 10 instances of spyware in over half a year!!!!

    now this is with HUGE amounts of downloading........ IE gave me that amount in a day!!!!!

    remember that most spyware is written for exploits in IE, and wont work on other browsers........

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    Quote Originally Posted by Storm
    yep, though this wont allow some hotmail functions
    Which functions would those be then?


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