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Thread: What Is The File Size Of The Cm4 That Works?

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    What is the file size of the CM4 that works????

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    294,887, its called ims-cm4

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    this one works for me but it runs very choppy on my comp...AMD 1.2 ghz 256 ram...40 gig HD

    File:Command & Conquer Generals (by KillaJ).exe
    Length:190105500 Bytes,185650KB

    181 megs


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    Mine slightly less than that as i`ve done it myself and zipped it!!

    Its slowly getting out there!!

    Check out hashes:
    Champ 4 & No-Cd patch

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    It is ims-cm4.bin I quess?
    I couldn't find that file with k-lite but with emule I found it but it takes a long long time

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    use the hashes dude, the've been posted a couple of days back, i used them and dowloaded it int the release day, also im sharing it to so it is out their, Emule sucks, the q's ae huge and the speed is pure.

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    i have downloaded the ims-cm4.bin, burn using nero as image, installed but when i try to play it it says wrong disc, does anyone have any idea why this has happen?


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