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Thread: norton internet security and router prob

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    i have norton internet security on my pc and i`ve just got a D-link Di-604 ethernet broadband router so i can connect my x box to the pc, i got it all set up and my prob is that when i restarted my pc norton said "allow or disallow this to connect to the net" and for some reason i said don`t allow, and at the mo i have to unhook the router to get on the net, so how do i get rid of that setting and change it. thanks

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    was it an application or a network?

    if v2005:
    application - open NIS > click personal firewall > click configure button > programs tab > locate app and choose remove or change to automatic or allow

    network - open NIS > click personal firewall > click configure button > click locations tab > all allowed locations are listed (can also click the networking tab and choose the wizard to configure ur home network, which will be ur router's ip)
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