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Thread: help me figure out the name of...

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    I've been trying to find a website that i use to visit alot, but one day my browser crashed and i lost all my bookmarks... well anyways.

    It is a torrent-based site, just like torrentbits but the name of the address had 100mbits or something?

    It is possible that they changed there name....

    if anyone knows of a site with those words in the address please post your results...

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    Take a look here
    Maybe the one you're looking for is mentioned there.
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    Why not try to use an undelete tool to find your visited sites
    you could ask your isp for a full listing of sites visited

    some firewalls keep a log of all your visited sites (even if you clean temp files etc)
    take a look there

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    it has them all


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