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Thread: ABC problem

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    hi i was using abc and all of a sudden i got the BSOD(as you do) and so restarted my computer unfourtunatley when i tried to start up ABC again i get an

    "error occured" that says

    "see the log file 'C:\Program Files\ABC\abc.exe.log' for details

    i click ok then the window dissapears and thats it ABC won't open. I go to my task manager and can see ABC running not in the applications tab but the processes tab, but i can't see ABC not even in the system tray.

    Please help.

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    Try re-installing, if that doesnt work, try earlier version as some users seem to find latest version has a few bugs.

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    You have to go into c: drive ,program files, and completely delete the ABC folder. You must then do a complete re-install. This is a minor bug in ABC yet to be fixed!

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