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Thread: WOW...torrentreactor! Lokitorrents!

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    wow first couldnt get into Lokitorrents, then I try to goto my backup( and right when I get to the site, a shitload of spyware installs into my computer??? what the heck?? I have wind serv pack 2 wit firewall...But I downloaded the nav 2005 from lokitorrents..and I keep getting error messages..nebody think I am vulnerable because of this?? but I guess what Im looking for is to see if anybody has had the same thing happen?

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    Seems you were there at an odd time though appears cleared now...

    Due to DomainHijacking our new Domain is

    The domain was hijacked, please use only .com and .to! We will take legal actions, please stay with us and tell your friends about the changes!
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    Also it appears theres ActiveX there that is shoved on load on the new site.
    Seems like a real shit site with all that going on, think its time for you to do a clean up...
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