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Thread: programmable macros

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    I am playing a new game, and many a time in the game you have to type the same thing over and over again. Example:
    /say assist {enter}
    /attack {enter}

    You get the idea. I purchased a zboards key set thinking that it would have that functionality so I would be able to hit any one of a row of keys and my preset macros would be dumped onto the computers interface as if I just typed it instantaneously. The problem is, zboards don't do this, at least as far as I can tell.

    Is there a feature in XP or another program that will let you have certain keys (such as the num pad) to be macros so when they are stroked they will dump out whatever keystrokes you want them to, instead of a right arrow?

    Thanks for any help.

    It should be noted that the game already uses all the function keys which i guess are the most typical place for macros to be programed.
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    try aldos macro recorder. I used it to speed up the passwording of files on my FTP


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